Let your inner phoenix rise

I have been very busy (along with my colleague and friend Walter) and am thrilled to announce the launch of not just one new website CirclesWellbeing but my website as an Independent Celebrant (for funerals and weddings).

I have also completed and published my Wellbeing Series of 10 books on varying topics all vital for personal, career development and overall psychological, emotional, mental and overall wellbeing (available along with all my other books on my MindCircles website.

We are all (well most of us) glad to see the back of October which seemed to bring very heavy energy and making us feel low, fed up, procrastinating, not wanting to do anything, but not really sure of ‘why’.

So we welcome November but although it starts with intensity there is also potential and hope for us all to expand and grow whether that is our business or our personal development. Forget what didn’t work last month and focus your energy on the positives and what you want to commit your energy to.

Let go of your fears. Let go of your ego and recognise what is right for you. Be true to your own self. Be grateful for what you have. Be kind.

Look around you. Take a walk in nature which puts a new perspective on everything. See challenges as adventures and opportunities to grow.

Let your inner phoenix rise.

Remember to smile and laugh, they cost you nothing. Virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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