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Create the life you want

Be inspired and motivated to create the life you want. Use Patricia’s Mindcircles self-help, self-educational toolbox of products and services to improve your emotional, psychological, mental and overall wellbeing.

Attract positive people and situations to you. Have the resilience and courage to change your mindset and build a positive life. Don’t listen to negative people – these people are afraid of change – not like the new positive you who will embrace change. Creativity builds resilience.

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My New Podcast Series

In each episode Patricia shares wellbeing tips and her proven psychological techniques to help you live life in a more positive and fulfilling way, realise your true potential and create the life you want. Please listen to my podcast.

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Steps for Success

The Steps are self-help downloadable wellbeing books which can be purchased individually or as series. They help you cope with various life challenges by changing your mindset and self-talk from negative to positive to build your mental and emotional strength. By using the wellbeing Steps you learn to be resilient and have the courage to face whatever life throws at you and create the life you want.


CircleSafe is a questionnaire which allows you to monitor your own mental health so that you know what steps to take to improve and maintain your overall well-being. I know many monitor their physical health so I thought why not monitor your mental health. Physical exercise is good for your health but to improve your overall wellbeing you need to workout your mind as this improves your emotional, mental and overall health.


I offer personalised mentoring/ coaching services to individuals. With my knowledge and experience in varying fields I have the skill to help you achieve inner success whether through mentoring or coaching. More than this my clients like my intuitive style as I bring my experience of the many life challenges I have faced, not least the suicide of my son. I am an effective communicator and listen with compassion and empathy.


These are mindfulness meditations. They are the ‘C’ of my ABC core techniques, the ‘C’ stands for creative imagination which you use when you lsten to my MindBites. They are short, easy to listen to with calming music and my soothing voice (according to my many followers). There are MindBites for different situations: to help you relax, reduce stress, focus, feel safe and secure, be more positive and improve your overall mental health. I will regularly add more.


Over the years I have met many people who have been mentoring/coaching clients, or attended my workshops or attended my Inspirational Speaking engagements. The testimonials that I receive inspire and motivate me to continue to develop my MindCircles toolbox of products and services. Please read what my clients, followers, customers have to say! ‘Inspirational – makes you feel like the only person in the audience – Live Well, Help Often, Wonder More’.

After one of my Inspirational Speaking engagements I was asked if I had a book! Although I write academic books this request motivated me to write my personal book. My proudest moment was the publication of my first personal book – “7 Attributes for Success” (Inner Success and Happiness). Since then I have written more, with my latest books being “The Weight of Emptiness“, comfort and hope for loss of a loved one; “Resilience & Courage“, the key to endurance and “Changing Seasons of Life“, your creative Journal with more in the future.

Realise your true potential

Realising your true potential by yourself is not easy as you, like many others, are surrounded by negativity and how you have been and continue to be conditioned by others. There are so many life challenges to face, no matter how big or small these challenges are they will affect you. You can achieve your true potential by using MindCircles toolbox of my products and services.


A questionnaire divided into different categories, including general stress, coping strategies, managing stress. It allows you to monitor your own mental health so that you can identify what steps to take to improve your overall well-being.

Answer the questions honestly and you will find out your stress levels and know what steps to take to improve your overall well-being. You can then use my MindCircles toolbox of products and services to help you create the life you want.