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Patricia - Founder of Mindcircles

I am one of the world’s most sought after personal development Life Coaches and highly popular author of self-educational books; Inspirational Speaker; Broadcaster; Blogger; Vlogger; Academic Examiner and Founder of Mindcircles – a self-help, self-educational toolbox of products and services to motivate and inspire.

From a very early age I ‘felt’ that I was here to change the world… This was not arrogance, just a feeling.
I wasn’t sure how I would be able to do this but the feeling never left me. I am a very positive person and turn challenges into opportunities. I made mistakes but I learned from these and it was through the difficult times particularly the loss of my son Bruce that I realised I use certain simple but psychologically proven techniques (I call my ABC) to get me through.

These techniques, developed some 20 years ago, are now part of my MindCircles self-help, self-educational toobox of products and services.
 My biggest challenges were that 20 years ago my simple ABC techniques were seen as too innovative and the fact that I talked about MindCircles being accessible online! This was unheard of at the time – too way out! online? shock! horror! online!

I continued to promote MindCircles whenever I could, working with companies and individuals, but always believing that the time had to be right for MindCircles and my online concept to be accepted. Fortunately with the growth of the internet everything (or almost) is accessible online. So finally the time is now right for my ‘way out’ ideas. With many people becoming overwhelmed with stress and anxiety there is a need for creativity and to be inspired and motivated.
I remain dedicated and passionate about helping you to realise your true potential.

You can do this through MindCircles toolbox of products and services. When you improve your emotional, psychological and mental health, you are able to face and deal with life’s challenges in a more positive way and create the life you want.