I’m enjoying listening to you and seeing you – would love to hear more of your stories….overcoming challenges, growing into the confident woman you are today. I use your ABC over and over, working well. Barbara McG (Mar 2020)

Thanking you for keeping us positive in this challenging time. Would love to hear your red/blue door exercise again. Jamileh R. (Mar 2020)

I like the balloon talk you do about dealing with negative people. Hope to hear that again. Love your ABC always look forward to your live videos. Mairi S (Mar 2020)

Keep your live videos coming – look forward to them. You are really inspirational. Your live videos help me start my days off positively.  Lynn B (Apr 2020)

Calming and inspiring. Being able to laugh at ourselves Pat is so important, to keep us light-hearted and relaxed and not taking ourselves too seriously. Feeling good about ourselves is so important for our mental health. Great visualisations Pat uplifting and deep breathing is so good – I can still hear the waves breaking on the shore in Berneray!  Thank you. David K (May 2020)

Really appreciate your live videos every day. Mimi C (May 2020)

Thank you Pat, as a frontline worker, I have been focused on the job at hand and everyone else. Today I collected my Mum’s dog, left my phone at home and went for a walk. This is my third day off. The first two days were days of readjustment and sleep. I now see the importance of self-care on a daily basis. I will be putting a slot in my diary daily from now on. Just what I needed to hear after a long week on being on call 24/7. I need to re-charge, re-energise and re-motivate. Thank you Pat. Debbie W. (May – Jul 2020)

Thanks again for this live video. Letting go of difficult thoughts, things or situations that we have no control over, frees our mind to live in the hope of the present and to look forward witih confidence. David K. (May 2020)

Thanks Patricia…..that was really helpful. I find the ABC technique works for me in any situation where I want to ground myself and balance my nerves X.  Barbara McG (Sep 2020)

Thank you for another calming session. Feeling much more optimistic about my afternoon “to do list”. Danielle McG (Sep 2020)