I was introduced to Patricia by a colleague, as someone who could help me to build and maintain the spirits of my high-performing sales team, while working remotely & navigating the uncertainties and challenges of a pandemic, associated Lockdown.

Her huge life experience & positive mindset, created an environment of honesty and trust that enabled Patricia to focus on getting the group to open up, so that we could address a lot of individual challenges, goals, worldviews, etc.

 She knows the right questions to ask in order to move the group forward and when to pause and teach or re-frame something so that everyone understands. She was able to seamlessly transition from coaching the team to coaching individually & brought our team closer together, through creating a culture of inclusion thinking and affinity distancing.

Her mindfulness exercises and ABC philosophy are something that I personally will carry with me and practice regularly.

James Keenan – Sales Manager for Multinational Medtech Leader