Inspirational Speaker

Dear Pat – The ABC have helped me overcome two major ‘mind blocks’ this week and I am so chuffed I just had to share! Thank you so much for giving me these marvellous tools. At Bath the card I picked at the start of your talk was ‘resilience’. A couple of days ago I came across the phrase ‘ the opposite of depression is not happiness it is resilience’. Isn’t that amazing? Or maybe it’s, as my friend Frances calls them, a God-incidence. I’ve often been bowled over at how things seem to come together and fully believe that things happen for a reason. I find this a great help, especially when things I perceive as bad happen. Your feel-good tips are always helpful and I’m ‘spreading the word’ among those who can benefit. Thank you again  Louisa S.

‘Thanks for your email, which comes at just at the right time…….. .. thank you for making Sussex special and for giving me hope.  I realised talking to you just how important resilience is in making a difference to the quality of the life you live.  Like you I have been through …..lots of life issues.  Resilience is what keeps us going…. the bounce-back factor. You are an amazing woman and I feel honoured to have met you. What I will take away from your book is the fact that visualisation is not only about the visual but is also about all the senses.  Thank you for that…’ Claudia P.

‘You are the one that actually got me out of my bad phase that I was going through …..  You really inspired me and we have to keep in touch. I will for sure join your mind community and let’s meet up at the next opportunity…….’ Sandra E.

‘Inspired and motivated ….thanks….now focused on the future and success.‘ Leanne MacD

‘I have had the pleasure of hearing Pat speak at several events, all of which have been fun, motivating and highly engaging. Inspiring advice and knowledge from a very clever lady…. thank you Pat.’ Cromack, A

I have had the pleasure of attending workshops/talks from Patricia Elliot of MindCircles …. interactive and fun, going home learning a bit more about myself and others, always a pleasure and look forward to more. I would recommend Patricia at MindCircles.’ Julie Muldoon, Personal Travel Counsellor

‘Thank you Pat for your talk. Inspirational! and as for your short meditation – I could have listened to your voice for hours’. Pamela Madden

‘Just wanted to say thank you for being one of our panel members at last night’s event. The evening went very well and I know that I enjoyed your funny moments and experience that you shared with the audience. Thanks for your contribution to this event as your comments were not only relevant but very true in some cases. The event overall was successful, as has been evident from the feedback received so far from those in attendance. Thanks again for taking part and I hope you enjoyed the event. Carol Ann Morris, Business Mentoring

‘What a great evening and thanks in no small part to you! Again thank you for last night I firmly believe everyone in the room will have come away more energised, with more belief or simply with a short list of tasks and goals to set themselves. I certainly did, and with the added bonus of your book for free so I can refer back any time I want! I hope we meet again and get a chance to chat for longer, although I would also gladly sit in an audience and listen to you again!’ Diane Holden, Freelance World

‘Hi Pat, Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at WIB last night. I think it struck a chord with the entire audience and everyone was talking about it as they left. Well done’. Jill Ledgerwood, Fuzzy Lime

‘I’d love to have such confidence in talking to a crowd like that….hopefully one day!’ Clare Crossan, Creative Copywriter

‘Thanks Pat. Found your talk yesterday evening inspiring and uplifting’ Maureen Stewart, Charles Stewart Quality Decorators

‘Pat, I just want to say what a tremendous evening at the AABW AGM. Other ladies were commenting that they could listen to you all night, myself included. You are a wonderful, informative, engaging and humorous speaker and indeed an inspiration to all.’ Ada G.

‘I was so pleased to meet you on Tuesday night at the AABW….’ Joy R.

‘This is just a quick note to say thank you for a lovely evening at AABW last night. I felt myself to have some affinity to your life story….. I have had a vast array of experiences, projects and jobs….together with various academia years as a mature student…… and a desire to write all my life.  My passion for writing was finally fulfilled 3 years ago……..After a year or so of….. regrouping, I am now back in business… and last night was my first taster of being back in a networking environment.  Hence, it was so nice to hear from you when I could identify so readily with much of what you said. I do so look forward to reading your book and I thank you, again, for your most interesting talk.’ Nikki N.

‘Thanks for email and also for the fab blog.  Just back from AABW committee meeting and we are still buzzing from your presentation on Tuesday night – you’re a star!!’ Alison T.

What can I say apart from that it was a pleasure and good to see someone with many real friends not just ‘hingers-on’.  Looking at book and speaking to attendees will be hitting the best sellers shortly!  ……Good luck with continued launches and look forward to seeing you again soon. Robin Jackson, Director, Engine Creative

It was a lovely evening. I enjoyed your talk very much and can’t stop thinking about it. And by the way I think your book, as I continue reading it, is very scientific and informative. I love the way you write, it so understandable and flowing….. Ulrike, Glasgow University

Great event, wonderful to see you again, love the book, coffee soon, cheers. Alison Tait, ACT Business Services

We thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you. What a great mix of friends were there, great chat! James and Ann Pert

Thanks I found it very interesting and enjoyed meeting your lovely friends….Mel McKendrick, PhD Researcher, School of Psychological Sciences & Health, Strathclyde University

Thank you so much for last night and for inviting me.  It was wonderful to hear you talk and I think you are a most amazing, and very generous, person…. Alva Caldwell

You are a lovely person and passionate too,  you just ooze a warmth that is so welcoming. I could listen to your blethers all night, you are such an interesting person. Thanks so much for inviting me. Love and every success with your book and online Success Program. Fiona Campbell

“Thanks Patricia, wonderful evening” Paula Heenan x

I just wanted to thank you for tonight, your talk was very interesting and I’m really looking forward to reading your book!…..Wish you all the best with your book and I hope to start (and finish) it soon!! Elaine Coyle

‘…. I had a wonderful time last night. It is always such a pleasure to hear you speak and so inspiring. I really enjoyed the talk and your book looks amazing. I’m very proud you are my friend…. Andrea Coulson, Snr Lecturer, Strathclyde University

‘….Thoroughly enjoyed the night, and your little talk. You are surrounded by really nice people and I did enjoy meeting them….  I’ve said it before – and no doubt I will say it again – you are an amazing woman…Look forward to meeting you again’. John Prete

Thanks Patricia. Enjoyed the night. Will start reading the book soon. Take care’ Sarah Jane Quinn.


Book – 7 Attributes for Success

‘Dear Patricia, I have been reading your messages and your book, 7 Attributes, for some time now and would like to thank you for the very encouraging and helpful advice and suggestions you give to people. They have certainly helped me and I appreciate the honest and down-to-earth way in which you write. I look forward to your ‘feel good’ tips and wish you well for the future. Kind regards’ Robert H
An inspirational individual who shone from within when passionately talking about her book 7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success and Happiness). Danielle M.
Hello Patricia, I thought you did extremely well at WIB, you were the best speaker this year………but that doesn’t surprise me..! I felt quite up-lifted and so did others. Job done! …… think your book is absolutely fantastic, it reads just how you talk, which is nice. You sound so very interesting. It has a kind of familiar tone about it which I haven’t come across in a self-help book since Inner Skiing (which I Loved). And, it isn’t because I have met you, the words come across that way. Laura D (Olympic skier – former British Ski team member)