The Weight of Emptiness

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I am Patricia, the founder of MindCircles. I have faced many challenges in life and thought I’d been tested to the limit but the most traumatic of my life was when I lost my gorgeous son Bruce to suicide. I promote positivity and believe that resilience and courage are the keys to enduring life in a more positive way. I did wonder if I would be able to do this when I lost my son. However, I decided to share my loss publicly and also write about his life in this book The Weight of Emptiness: Comfort and hope for the loss of a loved one. The book also includes stories from others who have lost a loved one, no matter the circumstances. Like me, those individuals found it therapeutic to share their loss and how it had affected them. I also realised that I had to pull on all my MindCircles techniques to build my resilience. Of course life is not the same but I learned that in living positively and continuing to talk about my son he lives on and I know that he is in my heart and soul forever.

In addition to the shared stories I include my techniques and strategies which when used bring comfort and hope. Please remember your loved one is in your heart and soul forever.

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