The Pearl

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Unique, bespoke, hand-crafted ‘pearl’ resin resin (The Pearl) ball point pen offering the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go. Included with the pen is a small (2 ml) bottle with either lavender (for calming) or rosemary (for focus and concentration) essential oil and 2 cotton wicks to absorb the essential oil. Open the small essential oil bottle, insert one cotton wick and turn upside down to allow the wick to absorb the oil. Now unscrew the top of the pen and insert the wick inside. The machined holes on the top end of the pen easily ventilate the aroma. If you want to change the essential oil just twist off the end cap, infuse another cotton wick and insert into the top of the pen. Watch the video which shows you how to infuse the wick and insert into the pen.

When you need to refill the ball point, then the Parker pen refill is suitable for this, available at stationery shops.

For essential oils, you can choose either lavender OR rosemary in the 2ml bottle. If using your own essential oil, we recommend using only pure essential oil.

Key Features

  • Stylish 2-piece ballpoint pen with matt chrome finish
  • Curved pocket clip
  • Releases an aroma whilst holding or writing
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