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This book is part of my Wellbeing series of books, written and developed by me, Patricia Elliot, the founder of MindCircles. Personal development is an ongoing process and this series of books is designed to help you positively move forward in life. Now you might be wondering why a book on communication but over the years Patricia found (and probably you have too) that communication is often not as effective as it could or should be whether this is at work, with friends or family or even close loved ones. This book helps you to know how to communicate effectively, Patricia shares her effective communication or effective listening model. This model can be used for any communication. It is particularly effective in the workplace.

There is no exam at the end of my Wellbeing series and no set time to complete the series but all I ask is that you regularly reflect on yourself and your progress. Learning how to communicate effectively results in less (or no) mis-communication or mis-interpretation. You become more confident in how you communicate with any individual no matter the circumstances.

This book and all my other Wellbeing series of books focus on being healthy in body, mind and spirit. They can take you on your journey of personal development. There are exercises and techniques for you to do and when my techniques become your good habit you will become a more positive person and improve your overall wellbeing.

This book is available as a download (pdf) from this website.

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