Anger – How to manage anger

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This book is part of my Wellbeing series of books, written and developed by me, Patricia Elliot, the founder of MindCircles. Personal development is an ongoing process and this series of books is designed to help you positively move forward in life. This book helps you to understand how vital it is to manage your anger as anger is detrimental to your health. Getting angry sometimes is part of life but if you find yourself angry all the time whether with yourself or others or at situations then it impacts negatively on your life and those around you.

When you know how to manage your anger you will become more positive about life. The book asks you to reflect on yourself too.

There is no exam at the end of my Wellbeing series and no set time to complete the series but all I ask is that you regularly reflect on yourself and your progress. You will feel better and your relationship with yourself and others will improve.

This book is available as a download (pdf) from this website.

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