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Use ‘A Safe Place’ when you need to feel safe and secure.

I am Patricia and as founder of MindCircles I developed my ABC which are proven psychological techniques to help improve your overall wellbeing. My MindBites are my ‘C’. The ‘C’ stands for creative imagination. They are short videos with voice over by me.

I decided to call my MindBites creative imagination rather than using the word visualisation as my research over the years has shown that many people find it difficult to visualise as they believe that this word means ‘seeing’ where as using your creative imagination means using all your senses, see, hear, taste, touch. My research also showed that many people find meditation too long so with this in mind I created short meditations (most are between 2 and 4 minutes long) and they have proven to be just as effective in calming and reducing stress no matter the situation.

Scientific research also shows that when you use your creative imagination your confidence increases. You are also working out your mind and it is important to never forget the power of the mind.

The MindBites ‘A Safe Place’ is a short mindfulness meditation that helps you feel safe and secure. It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps you to feel confident and let go of fear.

I recommend you use my MindBites regularly – they will change your mindset.

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