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You can purchase the founder, Patricia’s, self-help, self-educational, personal development books authored by her; her Wellbeing series of books written and developed by Patricia to take you on a journey of personal development; her MindBites mindfulness short meditations written by her with videos to watch as well as listen to Patricia’s calming voice, all to help calm, relax, energise and much more; her aroma pens are infused with essential oil (lavender to calm and relax or rosemary for focus and concentration) carry the pen with you at all times to benefit from the effects of the essential oil.

Patricia developed her products as she is passionate about wellbeing. Her techniques, detailed in her books and Wellbeing series, are proven psychological strategies for improving your mental, emotional and overall wellbeing.

All her books are written in friendly language and through her books and live videos/audios she helps you recognise that creativity is a form of self-expression and when used it allows you to understand yourself and those around you better. Patricia knows that creativity builds resilience and with resilence and courage you can endure life in a different, more positive way no matter what life throws at you.

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