World Kindness Day

I think the title should be World Kindness Day Every day. We’ve all been through a challenging time over the last 2 years and the motto at the start of the pandemic was ‘be kind’. However, since then ‘kindness’ has not been at the forefront of the minds of quite a number of people, for example, the panic buying where it seemed that everyone’s motto was ‘person (man) mind thyself’!!

Take a moment to think about yourself – were you or are you one of these people. If so, it’s not too late to change – let kindness not just be for one day but for every day.

You might recall my live YouTube video in June 2020 (you might like to go back and watch/listen to it or any other uplifting and inspiring videos on various topics click here). Although the video was about showing compassion and kindness in the recovery from substance abuse and addiction to reduce the negative stigma there is always the need for kindness and compassion in life.

In challenging times many people are frightened, anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed. Many avoid asking for help for fear of being labelled. This impacts on their mental wellbeing.

We can help ourselves ad everyone around us by showing:

  • Compassion to ourselves and others who need support
  • Kindness to ourselves and vulnerable people
  • Ability to never judge others (never forget that we do not know what others are going through; we do not know what goes on behind closed doors and we certainly don’t know what goes on behind that ‘smile’).

Just see people for who they are. It’s never too late to change your mindset from negative to positive. Never forget the power of the mind. You might be someone who goes to the gym or does physical workouts and that’s great but please do regular workouts of the mind. This need not be difficult or time-consuming that’s why I developed my ABC techniques – proven psychological effective techniques for improving your mental, emotional, psychological, and overall wellbeing. And of course my two trademark tips

Smile and laugh, they cost you nothing.

Virtual hugs x


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