Why not create a bizarre Christmas tradition this year?

I hope you are managing to keep your spirits up but just in case I thought I would task you with a project: Create your own new bizarre Christmas tradition.

This seems fitting considering the weirdness of 2020 and let’s face it who doesn’t want to make changes to the Christmas traditions by creating a new one (or more) that will take away the bizarreness of 2020 so that you can start afresh for 2021.

As Christmas this year will be very different and for most it will involve doing things in a more simple way. You might even find that doing the simple things will be therapeutic.

To help you start your project two bizarre traditions which caught my eye were Norway, where they hide their brooms on Christmas Eve when they believe witches arrive and if they don’t hide the brooms they will waken on Christmas morning to find the brooms all broken and lying at the foot of the Christmas tree. So perhaps you could start this tradition – HIDE YOUR BROOM!

Another is in Guatemala where they clean their houses believing that the evil spirits and witches hide in the dusty corners of the home. So they clean everything in the days before Christmas. Put everything outside and an effigy of a witch and set the pile alight. They call it Burning of the Devil. They know then that they can start the new year afresh. I’m not suggesting that you have a bonfire in the garden but why not CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

Whatever you decide to do for your new tradition I’m sure none of us want to have a repeat of 2020 so anything that will let us start the new year afresh seems like an excellent idea.

Of course always SMILE – it costs you nothing and makes you feel better.

Remember that laughter is the best medicine.

Affirm – I am grateful. Breathe deeply to calm, relax and energise you and C – get your creative juices flowing.

My ABC are proven psychological ways of helping cope so please use them and why not browse MindBites meditations on the website. If you join my thriving MindCircles community you get my Newsletters with offers – join now and find out what the Christmas offer is. You will also find out what I am up to. I have exciting plans for 2021.

Calm, peace and virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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