This blog was written just before Valentine’s Day as I know many of you dread this day especially if you do not have a partner or if you feel lonely.

I am writing this blog to remind you that love is important but the kind of love I mean is self-love.

Where do you start? Well think of giving yourself credit you deserve. Treat yourself with kindness. Have self-compassion as this will help you navigate difficult times.

When you treat yourself with kindness and self-love it encourages you to stop procrastinating and to follow through on your goals. If you have let goals fall by the way side you can start now. Be positive and move forward.

Take your mind on an adventure

Here’s how!

Step 1: Using my ‘B’ (breathing) tip – take three deep breaths in and out. While doing this use our ‘C’ (creative imagery or visualisation) to think of something that makes you feel calm and peaceful. Take three more deep breaths and imagine yourself become part of the earth and world around you.

Step 2: keep visualising your peaceful place. You feel a sense of calm and relaxation yet you are also energised. You can almost touch the energy all around you.

Step 3: Imagine that there is a golden path in front of you. You start walking along the golden path until you come to a fork in the path. Do you go right or do you go left?  Take a moment or two to think about each fork – is one drawing you closer? Does it make you feel positive or does it make you feel anxious?

Step 4: take another three deep breaths and use our ‘A’ (affirmation) to say to yourself – that you are confident and enthusiastic that whichever path you take it will be the one that you need. The one that opens up opportunities for you. Now slowly walk forward in confidence. As you continue on you become more confident. You now feel calm and know that opportunities lie ahead for you.

Enjoy the adventure of your mind.

10th February 2017

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