Tips on how to handle pressure

The pressure of life and all its challenges are impacting on all of us. So I thought it time to share some tips on how to handle pressure. In addition, I believe that with these tips you can even learn to turn the pressure to your benefit. I can hear you think ‘how ridiculous’! But read on….

Some people handle pressure better than others but there are some who find this difficult and I hope with these tips you will learn to handle it better and in a more positive way all to your advantage.

First of all, it is important to understand that pressure comes from many places and is different for everyone. You will know this if you are discriminated against for whatever reason. You will know this if you have been affected by the pandemic – so many reasons. However, my hope is that by using my tips you will be able to handle pressure no matter what life throws at you.

One definition of being under pressure is the feeling that being under pressure is a physical and/or emotional reaction to bad news, or a bad situation or bad day; this can be at school, at home, at work, due to bullying, due to stress and much more.

I remember interviewing many senior executives about stress in the workplace and what they are doing for their employees. Many responses were that they loved stress and no-one was experiencing stress. The response from employees was the opposite! What these senior executives and even the staff were confusing was negative stress with positive stress or pressure. Negative stress is ‘the bully’ it tells you that you are not worthy, you are nothing, everything is your fault and for many (not all) you start believing that the world would be better off without them. If everyone can only start to understand that they can take back control. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible and if you read my blogs, watch my live videos on my YouTube channel you can find tips and strategies to help you build and maintain resilience, and have the courage to endure each day in a different, more positive way no matter the circumstances.

It is all about how you handle pressure and stress. Start by loving yourself, allowing yourself to have some ‘me’ time regularly, praise and encourage yourself, don’t wait for others to do this. I recommend that you have an achievement board, and/or post-it notes around the house and work showing words of encouragement to remind you just how awesome you are. Having a journal or diary where you write down words of encouragement, your achievements, no matter how small. I recommend you practice my ABC (find out more on MindBites on MindCircles store) and do them regularly so that they become your good habit, there when you want or need – like a friend on your shoulder.

You might be someone who crumbles under pressure or worse still responds in destructive behaviour. These ways impact on those around you but worse still impact on your mental, emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. Take a moment to think if this is how you handle pressure. If so, you need to take time to think about what would be the best way to deal with bad, negative situations, circumstances and people. If you continue to respond in negative ways, it results in more stress and makes the situation worse.

Like many, you’ve probably been under so much pressure that you just can’t go through any more, you want to go out and do something stupid. But remember stupid choices result in stupid, even dangerous consequences.

Here are some tips to help you handle pressure in a better way and cope with stress:

Stay calm: use my ABC which you should already have to hand (as they are your good habit)

Identify why you are stressed: there could be many reasons from relationship break-ups, ill-health, too little money (the last is one many are experiencing).

Positive thinking: once you have identified why you are stressed you need to say to yourself that the situation causing the stress is not going to ‘break’ you, it is not going to get the better of you. How? By

Letting go: yes, let go of the person who is causing you stress, changing your lifestyle, surrounding yourself with and getting support from positive people; learning a new skill, changing jobs (but don’t give up your job until you find a new one). I have MindBites mindfulness meditations accessible on my website, one of which is called ‘Letting go’ – why not check it out.

Understand the difference between negative stress and positive stress, also known as eustress – the good stress. Sounds odd? But you need to have the positive pressure and positive stress in life as it challenges you to push yourself, demand more of yourself, helps you to make choices.

Remember you can and should learn from bad situations, no matter whether at work or at home.

I know that my greatest strengths come from my greatest challenges (learn more in my book Resilience and Courage: The Key to Endurance


Stress is unavoidable in life but how you handle it makes all the difference to your life. You can’t and should not want to avoid life’s pressures but learn to manage them in a positive way so that you grow and succeed, creating the life you want and deserve.

Here are more tips on managing pressure of life:

Ditch people and situations that stress you (or if it is unavoidable, spend as little time with negative people or those who stress you out)

Surround yourself with people you love and who love you for YOU

Manage your time and money (as best you can)

Eat healthy, exercise (physical – even a walk, particularly a walk in nature as nature gives you a different, positive perspective on things

Share and be open – sharing is healing – even sharing with yourself such as having a journal or diary

Find a hobby or activity that makes you happy

Take time for YOU to relax – regular ME time is a must

I wish I had a magic wand and take all your troubles and stress away but that is not possible – there is no magic formula. No amount of money takes stress and pressures of life away (I know money does help – but look at all the wealthy people who just don’t seem to be happy). Money does not buy happiness. You need to build and maintain inner happiness (7 Attributes for Success: Inner Success and Happiness was my first book and is available on amazon).

You do have it within you to endure life, no matter what challenges are thrown at you.

Please use myABC techniques. For this blog:

A is for affirmation – I take control of my life

B is for breathing – my deep effective breathing – doing this increases your lung capacity, and improves your immune system, vital with all the viruses around. Such breathing also calms and relaxes as well as energising you.

C is for creative imagination – use your creative imagination to take yourself to your happy place, or use it to let go of negative people and situations. Just imagine they are floating away…

By having my ABC as your good habit they are there like a friend on the should whenever you need or want to stay calm.

You might want to watch and listen to my inspiring and motivational videos on my Youtube channel.

And of course my two trademark tips SMILE and LAUGH, they cost you nothing.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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