Hi everyone

I’m back at last with my blogs. As many of you know I was an avid blogger for many years and you can look back through my old blogs here (in no particular order as I have included them as part of the updating of my website). You can also buy my Blog mini books in my shop. I know from feedback that many of you have missed my blogs particularly since it seems from your comments that I manage to talk about a topic that is close to your heart at that particular moment. There is no scientific reason for this, just that I am feeling the way you do at that moment in time. I will continue in this way and as always make them short and engaging.

So here goes!

With all the uncertainty around particularly during the early months of 2020 I decided it was time for a blog about how to protect ourselves from the negativity.

I know many enjoyed (and can continue to enjoy) my live videos which you can find on my youtube channel. I have always believed mental health matters but it became clear to me that there was a need for ‘mental workouts’ to inspire and motivate. Among many tips I repeatedly talk about my ABC techniques which are proven psychological techniques to combat stress, anxiety and mental health issues. You can read more about these on my website and for less than the price of a cuppa and a piece of cake you can have peace of mind.

What is appropriate for this blog is to mention ‘Golden Sphere’, one of my short MindBites mindfulness meditations – these are the ‘C’ of my ABC as you use your creative imagination. This led me to thinking about the conch shell.

Why Starfish?

Starfish are survivors as they have the power to rejuvenate. Wouldn’t this be wonderful if we could do this too. Well we might not be able to make ourselves younger but you can change your mindset to think younger. The starfish is perceived as a good omen and if you are struggling to deal with the challenges that life throws at you, imagine the starfish and use my ‘A’ and say an affirmation – I can get through this.

If you are finding it difficult to stay calm then you can reduce your stress and anxiety by finding your own safe place. Think of having your own protective shell surrounding you.

As a Piscean I love the sea and one seashell is known as the life protector is the Conch shell as it protects the animal that lives inside it. In Chineses Buddhism it is one of the eight emblems of good luck and to the Navajo Indian it is the jewel of the sea. It is one of the most remarkable shell designs found in nature. It is perceived as a symbol of birth and good fortune. So I want you to think about turning the challenges of the past months of uncertainty and challenges into opportunities for moving forward with a change of mindset.

Please message me at pat@mindcircles.co.uk if you have any ideas or suggestions for topics for my live videos, my podcasts and my blogs on improving mental health – and don’t worry your name will be kept confidential and will not be shared.

Virtual hugs to you all

3rd September 2020

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