I felt the need to write this blog as it is Suicide Prevention Day – a day to raise worldwide awareness on suicide and commitment to prevention. I looked at what topic would be most appropriate for this day (and indeed any day) and I immediately thought about how from small acorns great oak trees grow, the oak tree being a symbol of might and strength.

Suicide is a topic very close to my heart as 6 years ago I lost my eldest son to suicide. The pain is as great today as it was that tragic day but with resilience and courage I learned and continue to learn to endure each day in a different way and as positively as I can. I was determined to write about my experience of the pain and although it took some time I finally had my book published (July 2020) – The Weight of Emptiness: Comfort and Hope for the loss of a loved one. I wrote it in honour of my son and dedicate to all those who suffer the pain of losing a loved one. My book includes stories shared by others who have experienced loss of a love one as well as tips for coping after such tragedy.

From feedback my book has resonated with many, from those who have suffered loss and those who have had thoughts of suicide. My sincere hope is that I can prevent even one tragedy. Believe me there is comfort and hope after loss. If you would like to buy my book, click here .

for a signed copy. It is also available on Amazon.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What if you could be mighty and strong like the oak tree, withstanding the severe storms, hurricanes and tornados of life?
  • What if you could endure life even if you were stripped of everything, such as the loss of a loved one?
  • What if you could feel grounded like the oak tree, yet resilient and adaptable?

I’m sure you will answer yes to these questions. But your next question is how can I be like the oak tree? Well you can if you understand some facts about the oak tree.

You see the oak tree manages to survive severe storms, hurricanes and tornados and even when stripped of its leaves it endures not just because of its strength but because its root system pushes deep into the ground to almost the same height as the oak tree and as wide as the  branches of the tree. Where severe storms are common in certain regions of the world hurricanes have tested the branches of the oak tree and they have adapted to sway instead of snapping.

Many go through terrible tragedies in life, suffer emotional, mental and physical abuse and experience severe storms of life but those who cope are those who learn that with resilience, courage and determination they can endure life in a different way and move on in as positive a way as possible. I know because I have experienced many challenges and traumas, the worst being the loss of my son. I am not super human and know that I will make mistakes, have more challenges of life thrown at me but I know how to deal with them and turn them into opportunities. I believe that from my greatest challenges I gain my greatest strengths. I also know that I have choices.

I also know that my son would want me to be like the mighty, strong oak tree and live life to its fullest, sadly something he just could not do.

I ask you take a moment to think about the oak tree, take a walk in nature,  it brings a new perspective to all that you do. It makes (or should make) you reflect and think about what is really important in life.

The world is changing and there are increasing challenges but don’t waste your energy on being angry, on fears, on restrictions, on uncertainty, stop listening to negative talk (yours or others). Change your mindset and when you do you will see challenges as opportunities. You will feel empowered. You will let go of things that hold you back and will move forward with might, strength and confidence like the oak tree.

Your mind is extremely powerful. Be like the oak tree. Ground yourself, like the roots of the mighty oak, adapt and sway when the storm is severe and resolve to be bigger than the storm.

I am passionate about helping people realise their true potential. You can do this and create the life you want through my MindCircles – a toolbox of products and services to combat stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

Virtual hugs

10th September 2020

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