Today was challenging for me (as it is often) as it was my oldest son Bruce’s birthday but he is no longer here to celebrate with me and the family. Emotions were raw today as they are every day and those of you who have lost a child or someone they loved will know and understand that there are no formal set stages of grief – grief is a roller coaster of emotions and one can experience every stage every day and every moment and when you least expect it the tears rise and roll down your cheeks like torrents.

Bruce was always full of ideas (so many that his head would feel as if it was about to explode) – his creativity knew no bounds and this creativity was very much in my mind today. So I ask you all to take action and leap into the unknown.

There have been many challenges since the beginning of the year and we may have forgotten any resolutions we made in January. We then had the opportunity to think about our resolutions and start to take action in February with the Chinese New Year. Did you think about your goals, did you take action? Then March hit us with snow and ice turning our roads and lives (for many) into chaos. Despite this many struggled through to help others in need and for that we must all be thankful.

Is Spring round the corner? I felt iit near when I received some beautiful tulips for my birthday from my daughter and other friends posted some snowdrops, daffodils and other Spring flowers that had pushed their way up through the frosty, sometimes frozen, earth. I received wonderful loving supportive messages from friends today – all sending their thoughts.

It is time to look forward. I hope to take forward Bruce’s projects and my own. You may not think of yourself as creative but you do have creative spirit within you. Why not embark on a creative project (it can be something small or big – whatever you wish it to be).

Take a leap into the unknown, plunge right in. Don’t hesitate. Do whatever you have been dreaming of, stop it being a dream and take action. DO IT NOW.

I hope you get some inspiration from the picture of my gorgeous son Bruce with his camera (one of is many talents). You can also check out my tips and MindBite videos. They are friendly and easy to use.

Wishing you all every success in your endeavours.

Please let me know what you decided to do. Sharing helps others. Also let me know what you would like to hear about in future blogs.

Sending lots positive thoughts


4th March 2018 

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