Keep and maintain hope

Now I hear you say it’s not Spring yet but I thought we could all do with seeing these beautiful snowdrops which herald spring. Take a look at the picture and just imagine yourself walking among the snowdrops, breathing in the pure air all around and keep hope.

Life continues to be challenging but when you use your creative imagination you build resilience and with resilience you face and manage challenges that life throws at you and you move forward more positively.

Take a few moments to reflect on all the values and gifts you have been given in your life, not just material gifts. I know it is too easy to focus on material things and what you don’t have but take yourself to somewhere quiet and peaceful, even for a few moments, to breathe, the effective deep kind of breathing that calms and relaxes you as well as energises you. Close your eyes and imagine you are in a place you like to be, to dream or just sit. Think of your loved ones, those that are with you and those that are no longer with you but know that they are with you in your heart and soul forever.

Now I want you to take a piece of paper and pen or pencil, or better still, why not use my Changing Seasons of Life book which I wrote and published to be your creative journal. Write down some thoughts on what you value today. You will be glad that you did. You can reflect on what you’ve written any time. Ask yourself: What do you value you most in life? What things give you a sense of self-worth? So many live life without having any idea of what they deeply care about and hold dear. When you stop and think about what you value most in life you live in a more fulfilling and meaningful way.

Keep and maintain hope, spring is coming.

Virtual hugs

Patricia x

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