Spread positive energy like sunflowers

If you follow my live videos and my blogs you will know one of my favourite sayings is SMILE it costs you nothing. Of course, I also promote laughter as it is the best medicine. There is a real need for having positive energy during these challenging times and to spread positive energy wherever you go. You will draw positive people and situations to you. You will feel more resilient and be able to cope better with what life throws at you.

When I think of positive energy I am drawn to nature in all its forms but especially the sunflower, a favourite of my gorgeous son Bruce who is now watching over me from above.

Not sure if you are aware but sunflowers rotate their heads towards the sun which is a common trait among sunflowers particularly older ones. Researchers in California found that moving their heads boosted the plants’ growth. Their research was the first example of a plant’s clock modulating its growth in a natural environment. Changes occur throughout its growth but when the sunflower fully matures it permanently faces the east Also the researchers found that east-facing flowers heat up more quickly in the morning and this attracts many more pollinators than west-facing blooms. This research supports previous studies which suggest that bees and other pollinators prefer warmer flowers in the morning.

So it just goes to show that plants are really sophisticated and are the masters of coping with the environment.

So we need to take a leaf (so to speak) out of plants and raise our faces towards the sun. Catch all that sunlight and warmth which gives you positive energy allowing you to spread positive energy wherever you go.

Have a fab day and tune in to my live videos or catch them all here.

Virtual hugs to  all

Patricia x

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