This blog was written on 17th February 2015 but I repeat it as it fits with my live Facebook videos ‘Why? Wednesday’ on akrasia and Over-Thinking Friday. Catch all my live videos here.

You are probably thinking, is there such a thing as positive procrastination? Read on and find out.

This is so appropriate today as I have been putting off writing a blog for quite some time – not like me and certainly not like me to disappoint my readers. I do hope that you have missed my blogs but that is not my reason for not writing one. My reason is that I have actually been so busy, too busy really with so many different things to do that I have not really done as much as I could have done.

I like to think that I was still in the holiday mood but truth be told I did not know where to start or which job to do first so I did what I often do. I sorted, tidied, re-arranged files, folders, desk, house, computer files and so on. Does this ring a bell? Do you sometimes have things to do that need doing but you put them off and tell yourself that you really need to tidy your desk or computer files first before you start?

I have just started to laugh at myself because I suppose in a way by writing this blog I am putting off doing other things. But this is so important isn’t it? I don’t want you to forget me!

While considering procrastination and how to turn this negative trait into a positive one I came across an article called ’structured procrastination’. I thought – this is for me.

Structured procrastination, according to this article, is when you get lots done by not doing other things! It also fitted me to a tee because I am known as someone who does get lots done (usually to tight deadlines).

So think for a moment – are you someone who avoids the ‘big’ project at the top of your priority list? Or you re-arrange your list by putting even bigger projects at the top and so on then berate yourself for not getting things on the list done?

Don’t worry – I am a list maker too but I consider doing things out of order or doing something not on the list as a magnificent strategy for accomplishing surprising things. Why? because it allows you to be creative when you do not rigidly stick to a schedule.

Worse still if you over worry about your ‘list’ you will probably get nothing done!

Just think I have procrastinated! I was supposed to be marking exam papers but took time out to write this blog but I feel so much better now and able to tackle the marking in a more positive mind.

But more importantly I still have some time before the marking deadline is reached.

Remember if you do have a deadline, always meet it if you can. If not communicate early as to why you will be unable to do so. To my credit I am known as someone who works within deadlines set.

Finally if you are a procrastinator I hope this has helped you think on it as a more positive trait!

And if nothing else BE CALM and do my ABC.

Virtual hugs to all.

Patricia x

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