Find the magic in everything you do

‘To help you cope with life you should find your passion and purpose. When you do something that you are passionate about you find magic in everything you do’

You may be thinking I sound like a broken record but it is important when life is difficult and ever-changing to find the magic.

You can do this through my ABC techniques if you live by them and make them your good habit. I developed them many years ago after facing very difficult life challenges and over the years I know that they have helped me and others too.

It is even more vital to have techniques such as my ABC (which some call their ‘friend on the shoulder’) to help them cope, not just due to the uncertainty of the virus but the confusion around lockdowns and changing rules which differ depending on where you live.

This uncertainty and confusion has caused and continues to cause many people to be anxious, stressed and have feelings of being overwhelmed.  In addition to using my ABC to help you cope you should try to find the magic in everything you do. You can do this when you have passion and purpose. Life is ever-changing and alongside your passion and purpose you will endure each day in a constructive way if you have resilience and courage. Difficult though this may be you should also try to find humour, a funny moment, as you will immediately feel better and others around you will feel better too. Stop over-stressing particularly over situations which are outside of your control. Remember that your reaction to stress has a greater impact than the stress itself.

Focus on the values that are important to a life well-lived. Take a moment to consider what you want to be known for. What qualities do you want to cultivate in yourself and do they reflect your core beliefs.

I have already mentioned courage. This means moving out of your comfort zone and looking for new challenges. We have seen this happen during the lockdown this year when people have found new talents and shared them on social media. For many this meant moving out of their comfort zone but also by sharing it has encouraged others to not be afraid and have the courage to share their talents too.

Remember your values underpin your core beliefs. You need to ask yourself what is important to you and how you want to live. How do you want your behaviour to be an example to family, friends and others around you.

The challenge just now for young people is to keep their passion and purpose alive as the uncertainty and confusion is creating a world where many of our young people are finding it difficult to see a future for themselves. One way of helping to keep as positive as possible is for everyone, not just young people, to focus on their achievements. I recommend that everyone creates an achievement board as well as an inspiration or vision board, or bucket list.

I  talked about these boards and bucket lists (even having a bucket list jar)  a few times in my live social media videos all of which can be viewed on my YouTube channel. Never let go of your dreams and vision. When you use your creative mind you will find something that you want to do. Write it down and put it on your vision board or into the bucket list jar.

Remember to be kind to yourself and others. Always try to see something from another person’s perspective. Don’t judge, take into account of what another person has or may be going through and choose to respond with kindness. Treat others as you want to be treated with respect and patience and thoughtfulness.

Be a good listener. Most of us don’t fully attend or focus when someone is speaking to us. This leads to misunderstandings. It is important to be an effective communicator and listener. One of my Wellbeing series of books available in my shop is titled ‘Communication’ in which I provide my effective communication/listening model. I recommend that you check it out.

Make a gratitude list your daily habit like my ABC. Take time everyday to write down, even two or three things, that you are grateful for.

At the start of this difficult year we were all showing our appreciation and kindness to front-line workers and emergency services. However, as time goes by,  the uncertainty and confusion is causing people to be angry and frustrated. This is damaging to your mental and overall health. What you need to do is to let go of anger and resentment. You will feel a sense of freedom. You will feel better about yourself.

If someone has hurt you then forgiveness will give you a sense of freedom and peace. Remember forgiveness is NOT about forgetting or  saying that what they did was okay. You are acknowledging that what they did was hurtful but you choose to forgive them.

Always look for opportunities to grow, to fulfil your dreams. Your dreams and vision are not about goals – they have not end. They are ongoing throughout life. Taking a walk in nature can change your perspective on everything.

Don’t let go of your dreams.

Virtual hugs


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