Pandora’s Box

You may have heard of Pandora’s Box and the saying that you should not open it. Why? because Pandora’s Box was a story about how evil came to exist.

However, as is my usual take on life, I am going to put forward the positives of opening Pandora’s Box.

Why? Because Pandora’s Box also contained HOPE. Yes, HOPE.

So I ask you to open Pandora’s Box. Use it as a time to reflect on everything that has happened to you throughout the year – both the good and not so good times, the happy and the painful times because you now know that there is HOPE, and when there is hope it makes you feel that no matter what, life can and does get better. Of course, you need to work at making your life better. Only you can do it. No-one can do it for you.

Reflecting allows you to appreciate all your experiences, and helps you to identify ways you can better deal with life, particularly the challenges, as you move forward into a new year.

So open your Pandora’s Box now.

You might want to have your journal to hand. If you haven’t been following my advice on the benefits of having a journal, again don’t worry – start now and use it to move forward into a new year. You might want to get one of my journals from my website or my book Changing Seasons of Life: Your Creative Journal as this has many stories and poems which are abstract in nature, allowing you to let your creativity flow. And it is this creativity that builds your resilience and with courage, you can endure life in a more positive way. Of course, those in the ‘know’ and have been following my blogs, videos and podcasts will already be using my ABC – tips for reducing anxiety and stress and improving your overall well-being. Those who are not using my ABC regularly, please start now and make them your good habit (and even your ONLY New Year’s resolution).

Please have your achievement board (or post-it notes) to hand when you reflect as often we focus on the negatives and the painful things that have happened to us. Having your achievements board beside you will remind you how far you have come.

Another important board (or post-it notes) is the inspiration board. I hope you have added to it throughout the year – not just words but pictures, sayings or whatever inspires you. Look at it carefully as it will inspire you to move forward into the New Year.

I am passionate about MindCircles and hope my regular videos (including my Pats Pup Park Pootles) on Facebook and YouTube inspire and motivate you. I know from experience that no matter what life throws at me my ABC help me to endure every day in a more positive way.

By now, many of you know my trade-mark tips SMILE and LAUGH, they cost you nothing.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful New Year.

Virtual hugs

Patricia x

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