Need your mojo back?

I know, like many of you, you had fantastic plans for 2022 after the challenge of the last 2 years. However, I also think many of you have found the last 2 months challenging and draining. It doesn’t matter the reason for this but I do try to be positive and share my positive thoughts and techniques for getting your mojo back.

So what do you need? You need to have resilience and courage because when you have these you endure life in a different more positive way no matter what life throws at you.

I was fortunate to be invited to the AGM of Ayrshire Business Women (ABW) and more than that I was asked to step in as speaker – such an honour and privilege to speak to so many inspirational, innovative, creative ladies.

What also interested me was the fact that when speaking to many of these wonderful people we all shared thoughts on insecurities, lack of confidence, not wanting to sound boastful, and more. It always helps to share such thoughts as you realise that you are not alone in such thoughts. The reason for such thinking is usually (I would say always) down to past conditioning and as I said in my speech you need to be able to ditch the past conditioning, challenge your beliefs, ask yourself whether your beliefs are yours or those of others.

What brings your mojo back is to be resilient and have the courage to keep going despite challenges, jump over these walls, break them down, push through them. I know that these inspirational ladies are capable of all this as they are creative and creativity builds resilience. I recommend my book Resilience and Courage: The Key to Endurance.

So stop the negative self-talk – face your fears – do something new every day no matter how small. Remember my ABC:

A – affirm with words such as ‘I love you’; ‘I am wonderful’; ‘I am amazing’ say these statements in front of a mirror when you are looking into your eyes, the window of the soul. It is vital that you use positive personal words and the past or present tense (just think – Olympic athletes do not say they will win gold – they say I have won and imagine themselves holding the medal.

While doing this practice my ‘B’ – deep breathing from the diaphragm – it brings oxygen into the bloodstream; it has the power to calm and energise; and then

My ‘C’ – use your creative imagination to take yourself to a place where you feel happy, positive and safe.

There are no such words as ‘I can’t’ – ditch them – every time such words come into your mind – be wise like the Owl and turn them around to ‘I can’.

Remember my two trademark tips – SMILE and LAUGH, they cost you nothing.

Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs to you all.

Affirmations for you today are:

I am amazing. I am wonderful. I am worthy.  

You can check out my YouTube channel videos for inspiration, motivation, and for some laughs – I am just being me!

Patricia x

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