Are you always looking for something else/someone else (the grass is greener approach)?

Do you always think ‘if only’?

If the answer is yes to these questions then you are always focusing on the future and on what you don’t have. This can be especially true about money. I hear lots of people tell me if only they had more money or if they won the lottery. Now I’m not saying that wouldn’t be nice and we do need money to live but just don’t focus only on money.

Take a moment to think about what you have now. I know this can be difficult particularly if you have suffered loss and trauma (I know having lost my oldest boy to suicide last year) but there are things you have no control over. You can only improve your ‘self’ when you learn to accept yourself for who you are and this can be or is very challenging.

You can realise your true potential by being spontaneous and by embracing the unexpected.

All around you are bombarded with information telling you to focus on what you want, who you want to be and what this is really doing is affirming that you must change, what you have is not okay, and that you must be different. What I ask you to think about is to be aware of what you have now (in the present); make a gratitude list and sometimes the greatest gift arrives when you least expect it, even when you don’t want it or need it.

Remember some of the greatest events or connections you make in life do not come about because you have been working hard to get them but come about unexpectedly.

Life is awesome and it will continue to surprise you if you let it.

I am currently working on a book, putting together Bruce’s words and photographs, which I hope will help others who are struggling with depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. I will update when the book is ready for launch – ‘Now I’m gone…..I can see clearly now’.

For my gorgeous son Bruce – your life was awesome but you didn’t realise it, always striving for perfection, being too hard on yourself. Love you always RIP.

19th February 2020

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