I wanted to write this blog as International Womens Day is being celebrated this week and although the focus is on strong, successful women I want you all to know that ‘you are fine just the way you are’.

It is difficult to feel worthy and valued all of the time. When I give my talks I do a colour exercise using imaginary balloons (if you don’t like balloons then you can use coloured ribbons). My image for this blog shows coloured ribbons. I want you to choose one and hold the colour in your mind while also saying to yourself (in your head – not out loud) ‘I am fine the way I am’. Don’t think this is silly as no-one will hear you – it is for your ears only.

Feeling worthy is a difficult topic to discuss in a short blog and I don’t intend to expand on the topic here but hopefully the ‘bones’ of the blog with my little exercise will help you realise that ‘you are just fine the way you are’.

Try the colour exercise again, while holding the coloured ribbon (or it can be a coloured balloon) and saying to yourself ‘I am fine the way I am’. Take another moment to think about how saying this made you feel. Did you accept what you said? Did you resist it? Did you cry? Don’t worry I do and you are not unusual in this – it is quite common.

Over the years I have met many people (including myself) who find it difficult to feel worthy. This can be for any number of reasons. If you practice this little colour exercise you can and will start to feel worthy and with self-care you will get there and possess the self-assurance that you deserve.

Remember that every situation and circumstance you have lived through has made you the person you are today. (All these have had purpose whether you think it or not).

Many individuals (perhaps at one time even myself, having carried the burden of rejection from birth) struggle with valuing themselves and pursue success in the hope of achieving value and worth. Some people pursue such success at all costs, amassing substantial material wealth, achieving social status all to prove their worth only to find that they still feel empty inside. This is because they have sought to fill the emptiness with external sources. Only when they start to look inside do they realise that ‘feelings of worth’ come from inside.

Now for today and often (holding your imaginary coloured balloon or ribbon) remember to tell yourself (in your head) and it doesn’t matter if it brings a tear to your eye (no-one will know) and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep saying to yourself:

‘I am fine just the way I am’.

7th March 2018

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