Happy New Year

If you have been following my live Facebook videos and my podcast episodes you will already be familiar with the word ‘resilience’ and how vital it is to have resilience especially in times of crisis. It seems that I am not alone in thinking this as I have just read an article saying that ‘resilience’ is the word for 2021. I agree that we must be resilient in these ongoing uncertain times.

You may think that you do not have resilience but as you know from my many live videos you can learn to be resilient and continue to build resilience through creativity. Resilience also helps you to keep and maintain hope for the future.

Just as a reminder here is what resilience means: it means to bounce back against challenges that are thrown at you in life.

If you were resilient during the last year then you will have been more positive about the crisis that we were thrown into. However resilience is just as relevant to living life to the full, not just during a crisis. Resilience is a character strength and that is what pulled many of you through the last year and it will continue to do so as you move forward through this year.

This lasts year has left many of you stress, anxious and overwhelmed. When you have resilience you will be less stressed, less anxious, and less overwhelmed.

You need resilience to move beyond the mental health challenges faced due to the pandemic. However, more than that you need resilience to keep and maintain hope and be more positive and open for the future.

There is also time now to build resilience and move forward with a different perspective on life. You can build resilience through creativity and I am pleased to announce that I have just completed my latest book titled Challenges of Life: short stories and poems – Your Creative Journal. The stories and poems are deliberately abstract to encourage you to use your creative imagination. I will of course announce when it is published (which should be soon!). So join my thriving MindCircles Community and keep up to date on what is happening in the ‘wellbeing’ world.

I know only too well that I needed resilience when I lost my son to suicide so learn from me. In some of my live videos I mentioned Viktor Frankl, an Austrian Holocaust survivor, who wrote about his experience of personal tragedy (Man’s Search for Meaning). It was his inner freedom that helped him survive. He is the epitome of resilience.

There have been so many losses last year with many grieving but remember you do have the power to choose how you view these tragic time. You can let your loss and the pain of loss destroy you or you can learn to endure every day in a different but positive way. I offer tips on how to do this in my book Resilience and Courage: the Key to Endurance.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me during last year by listening to my chats which I know from feedback inspired and motivated you and those who purchased my books (signed copies of which are available here on my website, but can also be purchased on amazon). However you my listeners and readers inspire and motivate me so I will be continuing my regular live videos and podcast episodes.

Remember regardless of how dire life is you have the power to choose how you view it.

Last but not least – remember my advice on New Year resolutions – be realistic and use my ABC to encourage you to achieve whatever you want. Remember you can create the life you want.

Virtual hugs to all

Patricia xx

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