Happy New Year 2022

No it’s not a late blog. I know it’s not 1st January but from talking to many people January has not been kind. So this blog is to tell you not to worry.

I want you to start your New Year on the Chinese New year date 1st February. Make things happen. Be positive. Be strong and brave. Be healthy with MindCircles.

Of course the Chinese New Year brings some superstitions but you can turn these into positives. You know how much I promote turning challenges into opportunities. Some Chinese superstitions include washing clothes, using scissors, sweeping floors. So the good news is that tomorrow the 1st February means doing no work – no need to wash clothes, no need to sweep floors (clean the house) and for all the crafters – don’t use scissors tomorrow!

So what can you do? You can concentrate on the year ahead and take a leaf out of the Tiger who symbolises strength and bravery. Why? Because this is the Year of the Tiger.

You can check out the Chinese Year of your birth but it doesn’t matter if you were not born in the year of the Tiger – everyone can be strong and brave.

Of course it’s not easy always being strong and brave but with resilience you can be. Better still use my MindCircles techniques to help you.

On that note I was surprised, no possibly a bit frustrated and even angry when I listened to the study being carried out by Cambridge University on a special scan to highlight issues within the lungs where people are experiencing long covid. It is a small study, only 37 people just now but what got my eyebrows raised was the help offered to one lady to help improve her lung capacity and guess what? Yes, my deep breathing exercise – the ‘B’ of my ABC.

I know I go on and on about how my ABC helps improve your overall health and particularly the breathing as it increases the lung capacity as well as calms and energises. Deep breathing is much needed in challenging times such as the covid or flu pandemics but there seems to be little said on this until now (although there was one, yes only one, tv interview in or around March 2020 when one consultant and a nurse showed you how to increase your lung capacity – and how? Yes, my breathing exercise.

Many people tell me they can’t do deep breathing and that’s why I developed my MindBites video called How to Breathe. I make no apologies for promoting this MindBites video as I know it improves your lung capacity and as shown by the Cambridge study helps if you are experiencing what you believe to be long covid. So why not go to my website click on store and get How to Breathe MindBites – you can change your life for the better.

And of course prevention is better than cure so why not improve your lung capacity – we all need to breathe to live and the better we breathe the better we live. Why would you not want to learn to deep breath.

So here’s to my ‘B’ – and of course the ‘A’ and ‘C’ – listen to my inspiring and motivational videos on my YouTube channel.

And of course my two trademark tips SMILE and LAUGH, they cost you nothing.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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