Goodbye January and February (bad Times?)

Why both months – well I started to laugh as the first thought for a title was Goodbye January until I realised that it was the end of February!

I’m sure many people agree that they are glad to see the back of January and February. I think this is because the damp, rainy weather and grey ‘blueless’ skies have been making many of us feel low. I’m fortunate that I’m able to do my Pats Pup Park Pootles and I do hope that you are watching them on Facebook and my YouTube channel (please subscribe – I’m trying to increase my subscribers – and it’s free!).

We’re fortunate here in Scotland that we do not experience extremes of weather like other countries across the world so we should really be thankful that all we have are grey skies and some rain! But when you’re feeling low it’s difficult to pull yourself into a more positive state of mind. This brings me to my wellbeing tips (my ABC – look for MindBites with A, B & C to learn more) which are easy to do, proven psychological tips for improving your mental, emotional, psychological and overall wellbeing. What is hard is that you need to actually practice them until they become a good habit and are there, like a friend on the shoulder, as soon as you feel low. Never forget the power of the mind – you can turn negative thoughts into positive ones and take positive action to change your mindset. Also remember that only YOU can change YOU.

I’m like a broken record, repeating, and repeating, the benefits of my ABC but I am passionate about wellbeing and offering tips and techniques that you can use to improve your wellbeing too. If you follow my blogs, vlogs and social media you will know that my favourite tips are my ABC.

In a talk I gave recently to a young (or younger!) audience I shared my ABC tips. Their feedback showed that they all found my ‘A’ (affirmations) and ‘C’ (creative imagination/visualisation) helpful but what was really interesting (no surprising) was that they did not rate my ’B’ as being of help! Surprising (or should I say shocked) as we need to breathe to live but more than that my ‘B’ is about doing effective breathing, that is, breathing from the lower tummy (diaphragm) and if you are unsure how to do this just watch a baby sleep or an animal sleep – you will see their tummy goes up and down, not their chest. You will find it easier to practice and master this type of breathing when you are lying down. No matter whether lying down or standing up or sitting you breathe in through your nose to the count of three and as you breathe in feel your tummy go out, hold your breath for three and then slowly exhale through your mouth and feel your tummy go in. It’s a bit counter-intuitive but practice and you will be able to do this type of breathing at any time. Learn more by looking at my B in MindBites.

My ‘B’ effective breathing is a scientifically proven physiological and psychological technique for addressing many issues including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sadness & grief
  • anger
  • control when you don’t feel safe
  • self-love and inner child – opens your energy and heart
  • trust – when betrayed or not safe
  • stress & being overwhelmed
  • focus (when not feeling focused)
  • trauma (effective breathing can release this)
  • health and pain
  • insomnia (falling asleep or staying asleep
  • fear (phobias, tests, exams, when in meetings, public speaking)

I found, like many of my followers and from their comments, that they felt lethargic in the months of January and February (in addition to some having sniffles, stuffed noses, head colds) and all they wanted to do was ‘nothing’!! As I often promote getting out into nature as this puts a new perspective on everything I continued with my Pats Pup Park Pootles but when I returned I too found myself just wanting to do nothing (even falling asleep in a chair). I know that fresh air can do this to you but it was more than this. I had a very hectic Christmas period with academic marking and when this finished at the end of January I found myself with little to do (I did manage to do my January podcast but other than that very little else!). When this happens you start or can start to beat yourself up but this got me thinking about another topic – you need to read my next blog to find out what that is!!

I’ve got a wee request (or two) – both free! Can I please ask you to:

  1. join my MindCircles community (if you have not done so already).
  2. join/register on and take the Quidia test which is also free – it’s an excellent start to find out who you are. Of course if you want to know more please contact me by email ( or private message me on social media.

And as always remember to SMILE and LAUGH they cost you nothing.

Virtual hugs to you all

Patricia x

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