Don’t worry you are not alone. Change Isn’t Easy. Your biggest obstacle is your resistance to change. Deep down you might want to change for the better but you feel trapped. A common problem comes from close friends and family who don’t want you to change (because they fear change too)

The problem is NOT where you are now and what you are doing now. The problem is in your way of thinking. You need to look at your fears and change the way you interpret them. You can do this.

Welcome new ideas: you might like your old ways and if there is nothing wrong with them and if they really are better then don’t change. But what if the old ways are clouding your judgment and keeping you from moving forward – then it is time to let them go. Research shows that we often rate older things as being better than new so we stick with what we know. But what if new opportunities arise why not open your mind to them – they could lead to improving your life.

The unknown is scary: this is what you are afraid of, not the change itself. Change is not about following blindly into the unknown but moving forward to where you want to be.

You fear failure: again you are not alone this is quite common. You feel ashamed not living up to your expectations; you are disappointed in yourself; feel that you have let yourself and others down. But failure has nothing to do with losing – failure is about learning – you can’t succeed without failure. You can and must learn from your failures – you learn more from them than you do from your successes

You fear success: sounds crazy but this too is quite common. It is one I have! Fear of success goes against everything you have been taught – success is good therefore any change that comes with it must be good too! But success changes everything – your home, friends, family, even your identity – it takes you into the ‘unknown’ but this is ok if you are leading the change.

Fear time passing: Repetition makes time pass quickly, but it creates few memories; it’s both good and bad. However, repetition also keeps you from thinking about the different stages of your life, due to it’s sameness—there is little to take notice of. Marriages, births, deaths, graduations; imagine changing your life so much that you could be present for all these major life events? And if you were present for these events, how would they make you feel about your own life? This can be a difficult reality for some people, but it is much better than the alternative if you think about it.

Fear finding a new path: to find a new path, you may have to give up your current one! You may have to detach from people, places and things that don’t serve your higher good. You may find your path now, but that may change in 10 years when you have a new path to travel down. If you’re afraid of finding your true path, you need to reframe that fear. Call it “excitement” instead, especially if it is something you really want.

So what do you do now?

Move beyond your fear of change: If you do this you will be rewarded with a great sense of fulfilment once you reach the other side of fear. To be honest, the fear of change doesn’t get easier with time, but that’s okay. Dreams never come easy, but when they come true, they’re worth it.

Realise your dream now.

31st January 2017

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