Dreamer? or list maker?

Don’t worry. You can be both.

Many would say I’m a dreamer. It’s not an easy job to be a dreamer but it comes naturally to me! However, what I mean in this blog refers to dreams in general. I focus on my dreams and my vision and to achieve this I must have goals, but these must be realistic goals. Identifying these and taking action will result in you achieving your dreams and your vision.

If you have been following my live videos and blogs over the years you will know that I have often said that I am not in favour of goals or goal setting. So I want to explain so that you understand the true nature of goals and goal setting. The difficulty or challenge with goals and goal setting is that many (if not all) set unrealistic goals and when you do this you are just setting yourself up for a fall.

As a mentor I help people identifying their vision, then their dreams and then what path they can or should take to achieve them. It’s almost like working backwards. However, by doing this I help them recognise how to be realistic about the routes or paths (or goals) to achievement.

When setting goals, many make out a list. Now you might think I am not a list maker, I am more a creative. However, I can make the longest list you have ever seen. The difference is that I don’t get anxious about not fulfilling all items on the list. If you are someone who has made a list of a 100 things to do today. Depending on what they are of course but the chances are that you will not achieve them all. You then berate yourself about not fulfilling what you set out to do. You become stressed and anxious. Again this is where I differ. Yes, I might make a long list of tasks to do today. It turns out that it is impossible to fulfil them all in that day. Instead of getting anxious and stressed, I praise myself for what I have achieved and uses my affirmations to congratulate myself on having fulfilled what I was meant to achieve that day.

Eventually you learn not to make your lists, your goals unrealistic and so very long! Once you learn this you start to make realistic goals and set realistic time periods within which to achieve them. If things don’t work out as planned, as is often the case, as life is uncertain, then you must be resilient, flexible and adaptable with the courage to change whenever life throws you a ‘curve ball’ as it will do, often when you least expect it. Having resilience and courage you will be able to face challenging times and turn them into opportunities.

Be strong and courageous. Take time to re-focus on what goals and time periods are realistic. No matter what, do not let go of your vision.

Virtual hugs to all.


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