Believe in yourself – reach for the sky

I continue my Pats Pup Park Pootles as often as I can as walking in nature puts a new perspective on life. Only this week I’m feeling like Spring has actually arrived. The wind is less chilly; the air seems balmier especially when among the trees. The river waters are flowing more gently and the birds are twittering more. This is the gorgeous red fox Labrador Isla trying to hide!!

Yesterday was a mixed day. It started off with my laptop freezing!! I did not get anxious or over-anxious because I know I have Walter – yes – my good friend without whom life would be very challenging, not just computer problems which he tackles and resolves but life in general as we have both been through some very difficult times.

So I set off for Ayr where I met up with some of the inspiring ladies of the Ayrshire Business Women at an excellent, informative workshop run by Meghan Downs, on Writing skills for marketing.

It was a very worthwhile workshop for me as it set me thinking about the chats I’ve been having with Walter about titles to my new books and the launch of special editions of my published books. Join my MindCircles community so that you are the first to get the news!

On my way home I stopped in at The Smithy coffee shop – a real gem. Delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff – highly recommend.

You might be wondering why the title of this blog? Believe in yourself? Because the chat at the workshop turned to the challenge that entrepreneurs (especially sole owners) have of promoting themselves. I’m not sure if it’s just a Scottish or female ‘thing’ but it can hold people back from making the best of themselves through websites or social media. The workshop gave excellent tips on how best to promote our products and services. Also, the laptop issues from this morning had me thinking about this poem (Adapted by me) – very apt for this blog:

I had a plan for life

I thought it was ok

But the unexpected happened

My plan was not the way

I had to plan something different

Something new

But would it be better?

Maybe not

Challenging it may (or will) be

The path may have weeds and thorns

But I will smile and laugh (as they cost me nothing)

This helps me tread the path with less dread

Never be afraid to journey alone

New people you will meet along the way

Move forward with strength and confidence

At every fork in the road

Welcome positive people and energy into your life

Don’t hesitate. Start now. You can do this. Use my ABC to help you on your way. Take a walk in nature. Do something creative as creativity builds resilience, much needed in these challenging times. With resilience and courage, you can endure life in a more positive way no matter what life throws at you.

Be like the tree – reach for the sky.

Smile and laugh they cost you nothing.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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