September already? Yes, I can hardly believe it. Like me, you might be asking where have the months gone. The weather has changed to rain and even cold (at least here in Scotland) and soon the days will be shorter. At the best of times Autumn can bring on feelings of sadness, stress and even anxiety. However the pandemic over the last months has taken its toll around the world and with the ongoing uncertainty many are feeling overwhelmed. You might even feel angry and frustrated like the bear! That’s ok for a short while but only for a short while.

I know from the comments I get personally and read on social media that there is a need for tips on how to feel more positive.

I hope you have been listening to my live fb videos which I have been doing since the start of the lockdown in March (2020). If you have missed them or want to go back and listen to one or more you can find them here on my YouTube channel. I recommend that you cast your eyes over them and whichever one catches your eye – have a watch and listen – you will hear something that you need to hear at this moment in time.

Mental health matters no matter who you are and I developed my ABC which are proven psychological techniques to combat stress, anxiety and help you change your mindset from negative to positive.

In addition to my ABC here are some more easy to use tips.

  1. During this worrying, uncertain time don’t listen constantly to the news as much will focus on negative news
  • Do some physical exercise – it doesn’t have to be a marathon, just a short walk, particularly out in nature and take a moment to look around you and see nature in all its beauty. If you are in an area which is in lockdown and you have to stay indoors, open up your curtains and blinds and let the ‘light’ in.
  • Very important – do some mind exercises. The mind is extremely powerful – you can use one of my MindBites meditations – there are a few to choose from – they are short and will calm and relax. If you do feel yourself getting worked up (like the bear!) then do my ‘B’ – take three deep breaths – this will immediately calm you but also energise you.
  • Eat as healthily as possible I know money is tight for everyone in these challenging times but do the best you can. There are many websites offering good advice on nutrition.
  • Try to keep to a regular schedule and this may seem easier when children are back to school now but you may find yourself burning the midnight oil to get everything done resulting in sleeping late at weekends. However you will feel better (and your body clock happier) if you get into the habit of going to bed and rising at the same time every day (even weekends).
  • Be kind to yourself. Do something fun and positive to look forward to (even a small treat) does the trick. In my live videos I talk about having an aspiration or inspiration board. If you have one, look at it often and add to it. If you haven’t made one, do it now. Or you might want to do what was suggested by someone in lockdown – write down on post-it notes what you want to do when these challenging times are over – put the notes in a jar – this can be your bucket list jar.
  • Above all – SMILE – it costs you nothing and remember LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

Virtual hugs


4th September 2020

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