This blog falls in line with my MindCircles Podcast episode – The Power of the Mind. As many know I have been doing regular live videos, at first they were daily during the early lockdown and then weekly. I have moved from the live videos (which I might still do on occasion) to doing my MindCircles Podcast. I do hope you watch and will listen to my podcast episodes where I offer techniques for improving your overall wellbeing.

Changing your mindset can be challenging particularly if you are a negative person or you are surrounded by negative people. If you are a negative person you must let go of negative thoughts and stop the negative self-talk. You can do this by being patient with yourself and slowly but regularly using positive techniques, like my ABC proven psychological ones.

You must remove yourself from negative people whenever you can. This may not always be possible if you work or live with negative people but as I have repeatedly said in my live videos, take yourself to a place or room where you can be alone and take three deep breaths. Doing this will focus and calm you so that you can remain positive.

Remember that you cannot change other people, you can only change yourself. Let these negative people go. One day the positive ripple effect may reach them. I live in hope.

When you are patient with yourself you will feel less overwhelmed, less annoyed and irritable and less stressed. Patience does not mean you need to stop working at speed – what it does mean is that you create your own speed and think about what you are doing before you take action. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. Doing this can or will set you up for a fall and you end up being angry with yourself.

Remember being patient is within your control as you can make the appropriate choices of when to take a break and how to manage your time.  Keep an eye on your end goal, better still know why you are seeking this goal. When you know the reason and keep your eye on the finish line you will cross it and reap the rewards of your efforts. Take control and calm your mind.

Never under-estimate the power of the mind. When you use it in a positive way you will feel better, be less overwhelmed and less stressed. You will face challenges with confidence and strength.

I’m happy to hear from you. How have you turned your mind around from negative to positive? Tell me your stories – sharing inspires others.

Virtual hugs to you all.

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