I hope you forgive me for being a couple of days late with this blog. I’m behind for a few reasons.

I was completing the writing of my Steps for Success wellbeing series of books which I hope you will check out on my website.

In addition to my weekly live video I have started a MindCircles Podcast in which I will be releasing weekly episodes on wellbeing.

The Autumn equinox for the Northern Hemisphere began on 22 September. (For those in the Southern Hemisphere it is the start of Spring – so wishing all my lovely friends and followers in Australia and New Zealand more warmth as you come into Spring.

Where I live in Scotland the Sun rises later in the morning and nightfall comes earlier in the evening. Only when the December solstice arrives do the days begin to grow longer and the nights become shorter. So what happens in this short period.

The temperatures begin to drop. Well even that is changing as some days seem very warm and others very cool but I’m not going into a debate about climate change here – a vast topic and I want to keep this blog upbeat and light. It is particularly important for me to share as much positivity as possible during the challenging time of the pandemic (coronavirus) as I know there are many people stressed, anxious and even overwhelmed due to the uncertainty of what is happening. So I hope this blog brings a smile to your face like the sunshine in the sky.

Just look at the image for this blog. This is what I love about Autumn the landscape explodes with vibrant colours. Leaves change from a luscious green to pale yellow, then golden, orange and vivid red.

Once the leaves start to drop off the trees the ground becomes a multi-coloured carpet. Did you love kicking through the dry leaves when you were a child? Or jumping onto leaf piles listening to them crackling and rustling? Why not try this again? I bet it will bring a smile to your face.

You can even find a MindBites mindfulness meditation on my website called Changing Seasons which takes you through the varying seasons including Autumn.

During the Autumn there are also exciting times for children (and adults) such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. You may be thinking that it will not be possible to enjoy these times because of possible lockdown or social distancing. However, as we have seen during the restrictions of lockdown many people have used the time to entertain but singing, dancing, writing poetry, drawing, painting and much more and better still sharing on social media.

What I ask you to do is to think as positively as you can. As soon as negative thoughts come into your mind, let them go. I have an exercise for that too, called my letting go MindBites meditation.

I know it is not possible for everyone to think positively. What I do know is that you can and will feel better when you focus on the present. You can do this by using my MindBites mindfulness meditations, listening to my live videos and my MindCircles Podcast you

My many listeners and followers know that I have 2 quick tips:

Smile – it costs you nothing.

Laughter is the best medicine.

I’m happy to hear from you. Why not let me know which season you like best and why?

Virtual hugs to you all.

Patricia x

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