Adventurous November

Your first thought might be that this is ridiculous – how can I be adventurous when we are still in the middle of ongoing challenging times with uncertainty of lockdowns or future lockdowns.

Your second thought might be that I missed a Halloween blog but I meant this blog to be about how to approach November. You can search the internet on the customs of Halloween and find out that it is linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain (which in Old Irish means ‘summer’s end’) or it is a time when some cultures commemorate the dead as it is the beginning of winter, every appropriate as it is the time of ‘dying off’ of nature. Of course as a ‘nod’ to Halloween I show an image of a Rare cumulopumpkin cloud’ courtesy of Matt Devitt, WINK Weather.

My focus however was to talk about the way forward from 1st November as there are so many people feeling stressed, anxious and even overwhelmed. Some have been calling it ‘cabin fever’.

If you are having such feelings I want you to know that you can do something about this. In fact you must to something about it. What I recommend is for you to be adventurous – YES I say adventurous – adventurous in your mind.

Whether you are in lockdown, or self-isolating you can be adventurous, and I emphasise – adventurous in your mind. You do this by using your creativity. Resilient people maintain their positivity by using their creativity.

So let’s kick off November with some adventure. Why not explore new places in your mind, journeys that you can do while sitting in your own home. You can do this when you take a break from studying or a break from your home-working. You can learn new interests, start writing that book you always promised to do. Continue your creative activities that you started and shared during the lockdown in the early months of the year. Many people found that they had a talent for singing, dancing, painting and much more. They even found the courage to share on social media.

When you take this adventurous journey in your mind you will find that you have a more positive mindset. You will feel less frustrated and your emotional, psychological, mental and physical wellbeing will improve.

Maybe you have found your creative pursuits have been put on hold. You just lost the ‘oomph’ to continue. But this is the time to kick-start them again or even start something new. When you seize the moment, move in a new direction, start your adventure, you will find yourself with more energy and excitement. When you are positive others around you will feel positive too.

These challenging times provided some people with an opportunity to do something new. They have been able to showcase their skills and abilities and many have urged people to support the local or smaller businesses.

DON’T WAIT. Whatever your journey, your adventure, start now. Make plans and you will succeed. Those who see challenges as opportunities have viewed these difficult months as a time to address or re-address their work/life balance.

Your creativity can start by using my ABC, especially my MindBites meditations. Short videos with beautiful scenes, relaxing music and my calm voice.

We all need a ‘friend on the shoulder’. Make my ABC your friend on your shoulder. You get such a friend if you join MindCircles Community now.

Every success on your mind journey.

Virtual hugs to all.

Patricia x

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