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'Dear Patricia, I have been reading your messages and your book, 7 Attributes, for some time now and would like to thank you for the very encouraging and helpful advice and suggestions you give to people. They have certainly helped me and I appreciate the honest and down-to-earth way in which you write. I look forward to your 'feel good' tips and wish you well for the future. Kind regards'

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dear Pat - The ABC have helped me overcome two major 'mind blocks' this week and I am so chuffed I just had to share! Thank you so much for giving me these marvellous tools. At Bath the card I picked at the start of your talk was 'resilience'. A couple of days ago I came across the phrase ' the opposite of depression is not happiness it is resilience'. Isn't that amazing? Or maybe it's, as my friend Frances calls them, a God-incidence. I've often been bowled over at how things seem to come together and fully believe that things happen for a reason. I find this a great help, especially when things I perceive as bad happen. Your feel-good tips are always helpful and I'm 'spreading the word' among those who can benefit. Thank you again

Louise Sultana

Your carefully crafted and well-delivered speech was a perfect foil to Dennis’s and rounded off the evening nicely. It was a fine effort, much appreciated, and many, many thanks The Caledonian Club, Belgravia, London

James Fairbairn
Chairman of Burns Committee

Thank you for your excellent reply on behalf of the lassies at our Burns Supper at The Caledonian Club, Belgravia, London

Ian Campbell

'Thanks for your email, which is came at just at the right time........ .. thank you for making Sussex special and for giving me hope. I realised talking to your just how important resilience is in making a difference to the quality of the life you live. Like you I have been through .....lots of life issues. Resilience is what keeps us going.... the bounce back factor. You are an amazing woman and I feel honoured to have met you. What I will take away from your book is the fact that visualisation is not only about the visual but is also about all the senses. Thank you for that...'

Claudia P.

'You are the one that actually got me out of my bad phase that I was going through ..... You really inspired me and we have to keep in touch. I will for sure join your mind community and let's meet up at the next opportunity

Sandra E.