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Just a few of my recomendations past and present, thank you all.


Your carefully crafted and well-delivered speech was a perfect foil to Dennis’s and rounded off the evening nicely.  It was a fine effort, much appreciated, and many, many thanks. 

James Fairbairn
The Caledonian Club

The ABC’s

Dear Pat – The ABC have helped me overcome two major ‘mind blocks’ this week and I am so chuffed I just had to share! Thank you so much for giving me these marvellous tools. At Bath the card I picked at the start of your talk was ‘resilience’. A couple of days ago I came across the phrase ‘ the opposite of depression is not happiness it is resilience’. Isn’t that amazing? Or maybe it’s, as my friend Frances calls them, a God-incidence. I’ve often been bowled over at how things seem to come together and fully believe that things happen for a reason. I find this a great help, especially when things I perceive as bad happen. Your feel-good tips are always helpful and I’m ‘spreading the word’ among those who can benefit. Thank you again 

Louise Sultana

Your Book

‘Dear Patricia, I have been reading your messages and your book, 7 Attributes, for some time now and would like to thank you for the very encouraging and helpful advice and suggestions you give to people. They have certainly helped me and I appreciate the honest and down-to-earth way in which you write. I look forward to your ‘feel good’ tips and wish you well for the future. Kind regards’