About Us

‘Our aim is to motivate, transform attitudes, create positive outlooks, encourage proper action and improve performance whether that be the individual or organisation’.

The founder, Patricia, works with qualified and experienced professionals who are all committed to  delivering value to our clients.

No matter the change, challenge or stressful situation, adversity is part of life whether personal or in the workplace.

Our values

Open, honest communication
Integrity and trust

Our clients

Our clients range from the public, private or ‘not for profit’  sectors, large or small, and individuals. All benefit from our services. We believe that overall well-being of an organisation can be  achieved by valuing the individuals within it.

Think of great ‘individuals’ such as athletes; no matter what sport, athletes do not just exercise their body they exercise their mind. They possess belief in themselves and if they fail first time they try, try, try again. They truly possess and use Patricia’s “7 Attributes for Success” (Inner Success and Happiness) and the proven psychological techniques in MindCircles Success program.


Our Founder

Patricia Elliot LL.B, M.Phil (Psyc), PGCHE

Patricia has extensive legal and psychological knowledge and also plays piano and violin. She participates in radio and television programmes, often taking part in acting roles for a local writers/actors group and is engaged as Motivational Speaker at various events and conferences. She also writes articles for professional journals. Patricia examines in law and business for various professional institutes including Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply www.cips.org; Association of Business Executives www.abeuk.com and ifs School of Finance www.ifslearning.ac.uk. She has also been a tutor at Open University residential summer schools for many years www.open.ac.uk.

In a world where people are increasingly expected to be and even accepted as ‘the competitive edge’, any idea that seems to offer the possibility of enabling them to develop and improve their lives and the lives of others is likely to raise a great deal of interest. When Patricia realised that her own self imposed programme worked so well, her vision was clear – the result is this book and her associated program Steps for Success. Her training and workshops invigorate and inspire.

It has taken Patricia a huge amount of time and effort to convert her own ideas into the services she offers clients. Her aim and that of Mindcircles is to enable every person – whoever they are – to benefit from years of experience and fine-tuning.

Patricia’s approach to stress is one of stress prevention for individuals, with a focus on motivation, personal development and overall well-being coupled with legislative compliance for organisations. Her vision is to provide techniques and strategies to self empower and improve the lives of everyone. Towards that vision, Patricia reviewed her own life and over the years, spoke to many individuals to identify how they dealt with life’s challenges. She realised that those who coped best, including herself, had certain attributes which they used to not just cope but also improve their lives.

Patricia did stand-up comedy which proved to be one of the most challenging roles she has undertaken. She now does this for charity only!

‘Patricia inspires people to believe in themselves’.

At popular request Patricia is now recording audios/videos on various topics, relaxation guided meditations, visualisations, fear topics etc.

Patricia’s hope is that many people will positively change their lives as a result of her work and services. Further information on Patricia can be read on –





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Our Experts

We are proud to have experts who are specialists in their own fields of psychology and business.  Our experts come from varying academic and industry backgrounds and have an eclectic mix of knowledge, skills and ability to suit the needs of many individuals and organisations.

Alice Cairns-Wallace MA BA (Hons) Psyc – Counselling and Career management Psychologist with a successful record of counselling, coaching and mentoring in a range of blue chip, industrial, commercial and public sector organisations. Her particular expertise is trauma counselling and critical incident de-brief situations.  Further information on Alice can be read on http://linkd.in/eNwqlc

Julia Ritchie Post Grad Clinical Hypnotherapist (University of West London – Julia  holds a VTCT Diploma in Holistic Therapies and a Diploma in Stress Management. Julia worked in mental health for any years which included working with young people particularly in the area of drug rehabilitation. Julia has a passion for prevention of stress and promoting overall well-being. Her particular expertise is hypnotherapy.

Dr Chris Gibbons – Chris specialises in the health psychology field. He is principally interested in stress and coping. His research explores the effects of stress on well-being. His research areas are in learning and development as well as assessment of  the sources and effects of stress in different occupational groups. His expertise in coping strategies and management of stress along with his knowledge in development valid and reliable questionnaires are invaluable in the development of CircleSafe. Further information on Chris can be read on http://bit.ly/h53pug

Jacqui Hartas BSc (Hons) MSc Occupational Psychologist –  Jacqui has worked in business and career development since 1987 with public, private and voluntary sectors. She  specialises in working with people who are in transition. Supporting her clients in identifying their options and solutions and inspiring and motivating change. She has the ability to identify strengths, build confidence and enthusiasm and motivate successful people to even greater achievement.

Dr Andrew Holliman – Andrew’s expertise is in educational psychology but his knowledge of stress and the biological implications of stress together with his expertise in developing valid and reliable questionnaires and statistics is invaluable to the development of CircleSafe.  He has written many papers for professional journals. Further information on Andrew can be read on http://bit.ly/gMMLba

Dr Conor McGuckin – Conor’s research and expertise are in psychology applied to educational policy and processes, educational psychology, bully/victim problems among children and adults, special educational needs, and the scientific study of religiosity. Conor has a long track record of involvement in, and management of, collaborative research projects. Conor is co-managing the Irish research teams involved in three EU funded research projects exploring issues such as cyber-bullying, democracy, and violence in schools. Conor recently launched SxD (Selection by Design): Occupational Testing Specialists: Selection by Design is a Dublin-based business specialising in occupational testing. It assists individuals and businesses when choosing employees, and building careers is a priority…. The training offers qualifications for use of psychometric tests….Across Ireland, UK and USA test publishers require certified competence to purchase occupational tests…..Having such certified competence allows you to provide ability, aptitude, career interest and personality testing – a service increasingly in demand across all industries… These credentials and skills will add measurable value to your personal profile or your business. For further information – http://www.selectionxdesign.com. Further information on Conor can be read on http://www.conormcguckin.com/

Patricia at her Book Signing