Super Blue Blood Moon

Maybe you were lucky enough to see the amazing big, brilliant, burnt-red moon, maybe not but the photographs of this amazing moon were also stunning. However the effect of this moon is not so stunning to us all.

On the night of a full moon we tend to get less deep, dreamless sleep and without sleep we can or are left very grumpy. During a full moon something happens, physiologically and mentally to us all, sleep patterns tend to mirror the moon’s phases. So you more than likely had less sleep because the supper blue blood moon is an overlap of three moon phases in one night. Super moons occur when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit making it look bigger but sadly our sleep is anything but ‘bigger’!!.

Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on mood. When we are tired our emotions fluctuate more so a poor rest may be the reason for your unsteady emotions.

Maybe like me you found yourself being more tired and started wondering why yet you still have to struggle on with work and home life.  At least knowing the reason (or one of the reasons) for being tired can put your mind at rest.

Focus on taking care of yourself when you are tired. Take some time for yourself (if you can). Instead of rushing around, take it  more slowly, plan forward a small step at a time. Imagine moving along the tracks slowly towards the pink moon. Use my techniques A, B, C (A = affirm you are calm, B = take a deep breath and C = imagine yourself in a restful place)

31st January 2018