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Steps for Success
Mindcircles developed this online self help program to enable you to become more positive and realise your true potential. You can work through the program yourself or join the life program whereby you can gain support through mentoring.
Mindcircles developed and designed short videos and audios which can be used for calming, energising, overcoming fears and more. We call them MindBites because they are short and can be used at any time when you need or want.
Mindcircles founder, Patricia, writes regular blogs on various topics which from feedback resonate with many. Constructive comments are welcome too. Join our community to get our regular newsletters. Why not invest in Patricia's book 7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success & Happiness). Further books are in progress.
Our specialist visualisations are called MindBites which are short videos. They are very effective for maintaining calm and also energising in many situations. Why not join our community. There are various options from basic, advanced to life - to suit everyone.
Mindcircles founder, Patricia, writes regular newsletters on a variety of life topics. From feedback our community appreciates the openness in which Patricia writes, not just about her own experiences but others. Constructive comments are always welcome. Mindcircles philosophy which is proven to be effective is that 'sharing' helps reduce the feeling of isolation that many may experience. Why not join our community - options to suit all - basic, advanced and life membership.


Mindcircles understands that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to wellbeing and health. So we have developed and designed different tips and tools for you to choose which one or more is best for you. Why not join our community – whether that is basic, advanced or life membership – we know from our experience and feedback from others that you can realise your true potential

7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success & Happiness) is authored by Mindcircles founder Patricia. It is a very practical approach to dealing with life in general. If you want to improve your overall wellbeing it is well worth reading. If you become a life member then you have access to mentoring which follows the 7 steps and supports you on your way to realising your true potential.
As life is becoming more and more challenging many are seeking a 'solution' to wellbeing. However one size does not fit all and we offer 'solutions' in the form of a variety of tips, tools, MindBites, blogs, newsletters, book(s) and more to help you find your solution to realising your true potential. Why not join our community - there are options to choose from - basic, advanced or life membership.
Mindcircles included this topic as part of the 'Experience' section as organisations can also benefit from our services. If you are a decision maker in an organisation and want to have a healthier, happier workforce then you can include Mindcircles in your management decisions. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.
Social Media
Mindcircles believes that the way forward for everyone is to 'share'. By sharing we help reduce the fear that we are alone in our troubles. Please follow us on social media and spread the word that there are services out there that can help you realise your true potential. Why not join our community - there are various options - basic, advanced, life membership - and access the benefits for improving your overall wellbeing.