Empower your mind

For the launch of my new look Mindcircles website I thought I would blog about the power of the mind. Not a new topic for me but hopefully a reminder to you all to exercise your mind as well as your body!

Almost all will have heard about mindfulness but just be cautious that not everyone can clear their minds and for some it may raise challenging issues causing even more anxiety so it is important if you are embarking on mindfulness that it is done through a professionally qualified trainer.

Enough of warnings.

In this blog I want you to focus on living your life with energy, enjoyment and adventure. Now I know you will be thinking ‘she hasn’t got my kind of job, or my life’! But it is possible to change the way you think about your life.

You can start by taking some time for you and only you. I am not talking about days or weeks or months but a few moments to calm and relax your mind. Do this regularly every day or twice daily so that it becomes a good habit.

I designed proven psychological tips and tools for this purpose. I recommend that you start with the ‘B’ of my ABC tips. B is for breathing. Check out my MindBite video on ‘how to’ do this. You can also view my YouTube video on this technique as well as my ‘A’ & ‘C’.

Whenever you find yourself stressed or anxious you can turn to my ABC which will help calm so that you can face the situation or person that is causing your stress or anxiety. I, along with many of my followers, use this technique and find it very helpful. There are other tools but for now just try my ABC.

Wishing everyone inner happiness.